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EPIC Dance Center offers classes year round, as well as several Dance Camps seasonally such as Summer Dance Camp/Virtual Summer Dance Camp, No School Days Dance Camp, Spring Break Dance Camp and Winter Break Dance Camp. 

With Private, Public and Charter schools making the decision to continue Online Learning for the upcoming academic school year due to Covid-19, EPIC Dance Center will now be offering Fall Weekday Dance Camps to assist dancers and families during this adjustment. As with everything now in our new world, this will be an ever evolving platform, run much like a Summer Dance Camp, Monday - Friday from 8:30AM-3:30PM. If the dancers are required to log in to a virtual classroom at specific times of the day, they will be able to do so from their personal laptop brought from home while social distancing, with the benefit of having a teacher to assist them when needed. Along with the provided educational instruction and supervision, the dancers will have scheduled recreational and learning activities, dance and fitness, arts & crafts, reading and story time, and much more. Following social distancing guidelines and procedures, space will be limited to 12 dancers per week.

Multiple Week registration Discounts are available.


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